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How to obtain KOF-K kosher certification

The certification process is quite simple, just follow these steps:

Complete and submit your application for kosher certification to the KOF-K office. This can be done online by simply clicking here or via fax or mail (contact information can be found on the application form). The application will ask for basic information regarding your manufacturing facility as well as the products you want certified and all ingredients used in manufacturing. Administrative Director, Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum of the KOF-K will contact you to discuss the basic process and fees involved in kosher certifying your company. A KOF-K account executive will be assigned to your company to process your application. This Kashrus Administrator will be your designated contact. He will address all your questions and concerns, and guide you through the entire process of setting up a kosher certification/supervision program for your company

Please note: KOF-K Kosher Certification maintains in strictest confidentiality all information which is submitted to our office.

Upon review of your application, a rabbinic supervisor will conduct an initial inspection of your company’s manufacturing facility/ies and warehouse(s) to evaluate the procedures used in your facilities, and will provide an initial inspection report to your Kashrus Administrator for a complete kosher workup.
Your application and initial inspection report will be reviewed by your Kashrus Administrator who will set up the necessary parameters by which certification will be implemented. The Kashrus Administrator will notify you of any modifications to procedure or ingredient replacement(s) that might be needed for your company's product to be certified as kosher.
Once all the details are finalized, a contract detailing the agreement between your company and KOF-K will be drawn up that will include the requirements for KOF-K certification and a list of approved ingredients. It will also indicate the annual fee for kosher certification. The contract is sent to you for your review and approval. Upon receipt of your signed contract, a date for implementation of KOF-K kosher certification will be agreed upon.
You will be introduced to iKosher, our cutting edge, interactive computer communications system. iKosher is designed to help you enhance the experience and maximize the benefits of your KOF-K kosher certification by facilitating your quick and comprehensive communication with the KOF-K.
A list of approved ingredients will be issued for your company. This list will detail all ingredients that may be used in production of KOF-K-certified products. A kosher certificate will be issued for all products certified. Copies of product labels bearing the KOF-K seal must be submitted to our office for approval. Regular monitoring of your facility will be conducted by a KOF-K trained kashrus monitoring representative assigned to your facility/ies.

Congratulations! Welcome to the KOF-K's worldwide network of kosher food certification. Your product(s) are now certified kosher by KOF-K Kosher Certification, one of the nation’s premier kosher certifying agencies, and the marketing power of trusted kosher-certified quality is now working for you!.