KOF-K Kosher Certification is one of the world’s most widely known kosher certification and supervision agencies, serving food producers, manufacturers, and processors around the world. KOF-K’s roster of clients includes Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest brand names. The KOF-K trademark on a product is recognized and respected world wide as a designation of quality and purity that has been earned through full compliance with the highest of kosher standards to meet the expectations of the kosher market. The KOF-K symbol is protected under U.S. Federal law and is vigilantly guarded against unauthorized use, so that the customer can choose a KOF-K labeled product with complete confidence. KOF-K does not take its obligations to its clients lightly. In today’s complex world, where food production technology can literally change overnight, KOF-K’s international network of rabbinic coordinators, client representatives, and food production experts closely monitor industry developments and are constantly working to help your company maintain its competitive edge while preserving its kosher status. and keep confidential all food production information.

KOF-K uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to provide the best and most responsive service to our clients. Our computer system, by far the most advanced in the kosher certification industry, makes it possible for our clients to add or change formulas online, add or view certificates, and even create custom certificates. Have multiple users with different jobs in your company? No problem. Our system can be customized to meet your needs, complete with passwords and security codes specific for each user. And rest assured that throughout the process, KOF-K maintains the highest levels of confidentiality and secrecy to protect all trade secrets and proprietary food production information.