Kashrus Alerts

6/15/2021 Terminated

Randa Bakery Ronkonkoma

Randa Bakery 

Ronkonkoma NY


Please be advised that the KOF-K certification of Randa Bakery Ronkonkoma NY has been terminated effective immediately.  Any packaging with the KOF-K symbol should not be used as kosher certified.

If you have any questions please email info@kof-k.org or call our main office (201)837-0500. 

6/9/2021 Nori unauthorized from China

Nori issue


Recently, possibly due to the current shortage, several unauthorized KOF-K’s have been circulating on Nori sheets. The KOF-K does not certify any nori produced in China.

Yamamotoyama is the only KOF-K kosher certified company producing Nori.

If you have any questions please email info@kof-k.org or call our main office (201)837-0500. 

6/7/2021 Chips in Europe bear unauthorized KOF-K


Costco/Kirkland Signature brand Batch Cooked Crinkle Cut Himalayan Salt Potato CRISPS, stating “Made in United Kingdom” on the back of the bag, bear an unauthorized KOF-K symbol and are not KOF-Kosher certified. Corrective actions are being taken. The KOF-K does not certify any Costco/Kirkland Signature brand Potato Chips/Crisps made in the United Kingdom.

The KOF-K certifies a number of different varieties of Potato CHIPS with the Costco/Kirkland Signature brand made in the USA when bearing the KOF-K symbol.

5/3/2021 Tammy's Kitchen Chicken Cacciatore

Bronx Bottling

This product contains non kosher white wine and was mistakenly labeled with a KOF-K. This item is not kosher and any product should be returned for a refund. Corrective action has been taken.