KOF-K Kosher Certification is one of the world’s most widely known kosher certification and supervision agencies, certifying thousands of products each year in the areas of food production, ingredients, flavors, fragrances, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as vendors, restaurants, and other suppliers of kosher products and services.

The KOF-K trademark on a product is recognized and respected worldwide as a designation of quality and purity that has been earned through full compliance with the highest of kosher standards to meet the demanding kosher consumer’s expectations. The KOF-K symbol is protected under U.S. Federal law and is vigilantly guarded against unauthorized use, so that the consumer can choose a KOF-K labeled product with complete confidence.

KOF-K does not take its obligations to the consumer lightly. In today’s complex world, where food production technology can literally change overnight, KOF-K’s international network of rabbinic coordinators, client representatives, and food production experts closely supervise and monitor all food production.

KOF-K is governed by the Vaad Halacha, a rabbinic committee which is responsible for all Kashrus policies. The Bais Din of the Vaad is comprised of three eminently qualified Morei HoRa’ah: noted rabbinic authorities: Rav Micha Cohn, shlit"a, Rav Shmuel Meir Katz, shlit"a, and Rav Chaim Moshe Kahan, shlit"a, of Lakewood. The Bais Din meets regularly to ensure that all KOF-K kosher certified products meet the highest halachic standards of kashrus. Their decisions are binding and determine KOF-K policy.

Our kashrus administrators are account executives for KOF-K kosher certified companies. They are up to date in industry standards and kosher law and are highly skilled and trained in all areas of food production, and they stay on the cutting edge of all aspects of food technology.

KOF-K…the recognized gold standard of kosher certification.